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From the Desk of the Secretary / Treasurer


Hello everyone! I cannot believe it is time for our 3rd Quarter meeting this year already! 

The 3rd Quarter Membership meeting will be held in BOS on Wednesday, September 20th at the Embassy Suites by Hilton Boston at Logan Airport, 207 Porter Street, Boston, MA.  There is a complimentary shuttle bus available to/from all the terminals.  The meeting is open to all Members in good standing represented by Local 1171. 

This meeting will include the acceptance of nominations for Local Officers, Executive Board Members, and delegates to the 2025 CWA National Convention* for a 3-year term beginning January 1, 2024.  The Local offices include - President, Executive Vice-President, Secretary/Treasurer, Five Area Representatives (2 from the NYC Area, 1 NE Area, and 1 Upstate NY Area and 1 from HBR). 

A new Election Committee was selected by the Executive Board to serve and oversee the Election.    

Heidi Andrews (PVD, representing our smaller mainline cities), Heather Moriarty (JFK), Kissa Phillips (LGA), Aubrey Sheffield (ROC, representing ENVOY), and Gary Wiley (BOS), with BrigitteFerenczy-Nolin (BDL) serving as the alternate.    

The nominations will be conducted in accordance with our by-laws as follows:

  • Nominations will come from the floor and must be accepted in the same manner.
  • Nominees must be dues paying members, verifiable via the membership list.
  • All terms of office will be for three years.

If you have recently moved, please contact Jane Crompton, cwajane1171@gmailcom or Mahlon Robinson to update the membership list with newest address as soon as possible. Please contact me if you have any questions on whether you are a member in good standing as well.

In Unity,



Jane Crompton


CWA Local 1171


* CWA Constitution Article 13 – Elections of Local Delegates to CWA Conventions, Section 1a.- Officers serving as President, Secretary/Treasurer, and Executive Vice President, when elected to their respective offices will also be elected as delegates to all National CWA Conventions, District Conventions and any affiliated conventions or meetings in accordance with the CWA Local 1171 By-Laws and Labor Management Reporting and Disclosure Act of 1959.