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From the Desk of the Secretary / Treasurer

Hello everyone! 

Welcome to the “new & improved” Local 1171 website! 

We have an exciting opportunity on the horizon to go forward on a new improved path with a new contract!  Scheduling for negotiations is being finalized and will be announced soon.  Communications regarding negotiations, updates, etc. will be sent by both the National and the Local via email in addition to other Social Media Apps – be sure to sign up for updates at:

Please make sure you provide the Local with a valid, current personal email address.  Simply email me ( the updated or personal email address you wish to receive information at.  I realize a lot of you are new and provided your AA Company email address on your membership forms.  Please be advised - the Union does NOT use AA company email for any communications. 

Check your pay stub to ensure you are an active dues paying member.  Voting is only open to active members.  If you do not see CWA dues deduction, please contact me via email and I will verify your information.  I also encourage anyone who has moved recently or is planning a move to make sure your address is updated with both the Company and the Union. Ideally, the Company forwards any address changes to the Union and then it is sent out to the appropriate Locals.  The reality is that we do not operate in an ideal world and often, the process is delayed, or the info never seems to make it down to the Local in a timely manner if at all. Please feel free to shoot an email to us as well if you have an address change to just ensure you will get any correspondence that may be coming your way.

We probably will be facing some turbulent times ahead during the negotiations before reaching an agreement.  It is simply the nature of the process and not going to be a quick and easy task for sure. TOGETHER we will be successful in getting the best possible contract that we all deserve.  We must not lose sight of that. 

Remember, WE are the Union. You are the Union.

United we stand…Divided we fall!

Sincerely and in Unity,


Jane Crompton
CWA Local 1171