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AA Contract Negotiations Update

AA Contract Negotiation Update - 2/23/2023

02 Mar, 2023

Our CWA-IBT Association Bargaining Committee met with American Airlines management last week in our fifth round of bargaining for a new contract.

Our union committees proposed changes to the following articles:

Article 14, Reduction in Force (furlough)
Article 18, Sick Leave
Article 19, Holiday Vacation
Article 20, Vacations
Article 25, Grievance Procedure

In addition, we responded to a company proposal to make changes to Article 32, Call Monitoring. Our proposal preserves the current practice.

The company proposed changes to the following articles:

Article 7, Overtime-Reservations
Article 14, Reductions in Force
Article 25, Grievance Procedure

The two sides reached agreement on parts of some of the articles, so overall progress was made. Our next round of bargaining will take place March 7-9

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